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Wim Wenders


By Redacción 27.09.13

The Sorigué Foundation invites the viewer to reflect on construction and rebirth that comes about after destruction and desolation embodied in the photographic work of Wim Wenders. A unique exhibition featuring the work of filmmaker Wim Wenders, photographs taken at Ground Zero, the Fukushima disaster and the deserts of the Australian outback.

A selection of panoramic photographs made by Wim Wenders that invite the viewer to reflect on construction within the urban realm and the desolation of barren landscapes through images he has captured with his camera over the last 20 years. These exceptional photographs using landscape format (measuring more than four meters) taken in New York after the September 11th attacks and the Fukushima nuclear disaster which are alternated with images of desert landscapes.

  • © © Donata Wenders


    Some of these photographs form part of the series 'Pictures from the Surface of the Earth' and 'Places, Strange and Quiet', exhibited in galleries and museums around the world: James Cohan Gallery, New York (USA), Shanghai Museum of Art, Shanghai (China), Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (Australia); Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (Germany), among many others. Wim Wenders has also published numerous books with text and photographs including Journey to Onomichi in which some of these images are included.


    The show will also feature panoramic photographs of solitary landscapes devoid of human presence in which Wenders’ fascinating bleak look uncovers a world that invite the viewer to immerse themselves in scenarios like the vast Australia outback.

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