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UtopiaMarkets Illustration

First edition of the market focused on illustration


After UtopiaMarkets Photo and UtopiaMarkets Poetry, Friday, October 20 will be the turn to UtopiaMarkets Illustration, a unique opportunity to discover, browse, chat and buy work directly from the author. Organized jointly with the Bill Festival de la Apic (Associació Professional d'Ilustradors de Catalunya), it will be inaugurated with an illustrated double sheet concert, in which thirteen illustrators will interpret the group's songs.

The market, which will occupy Utopia126, a modernist factory in Poblenou recovered as a unique space, will bring together about seventy illustrators. Among them, Miguel Gallardo, Javier Mariscal, Flavita Banana, Perico Pastor, Javirroyo, Karin du Croo, Ferran Capo, José Luis Merino, Meritxell Durán and Clàudia Vives-Fierro. And also, certain agents related to the Barcelona sector of the illustration as Oslo Graphic Barceloneta and the Eina School.

  • UtopiaMarket Illustration

    José Luis Merino

  • Javier Mariscal

    Javier Mariscal

  • UtopiaMarket Illustration

    Mariona Cabassa

  • UtopiaMarket Illustration

    Claudia Vives Fierro

  • UtopiaMarket Illustration

    Arianne Faber


    During the three days, there will also be a program that will include tattoos by the hand of Mariona Cabassa and Santiago Lombardi, a portrait and self-portrait workshop given by América Sánchez (creator since the 60s of mythical logos and corporate images), a mural painted directly by Ulises Mendicutty, lectures -Susana Blasco will talk about his creative processes, the differences between art and design and the philosophy of collage as a vital attitude; Franco Fasoli, Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada and Inti Castro will do it on illustration and urban art, and Mariona Cabassa, Ina Hristova and África Fanlo will reflect on relevant subjects of the illustrator's office from their own experiences in a round table moderated by Pep Montserrat- , the installation of 'Trips and chascarrillos ciclistas' by Dibuja and Pedalea, the screening of the multi-award-winning animated film 'Chico y Rita' by Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal, an unusual photocall and gastronomic area.

  • Ulises Mendicutty

    Ulises Mendicutty

  • UtopiaMarket Illustration

    Mariona Omedes

  • UtopiaMarket Illustration

    Pol Monserrat


    For the children's audience, they propose the workshop 'We all have a special brilliance', in which the writer Paulina Vargas and illustrator Elsy Sánchez, through reading her story 'Mila la sirena', will teach children fun techniques for make your own works of art; the animations of Miguel Gallardo and the producer noveojos; the documentary 'María y yo' by Felix Fernández de Castro, based on the comic strip by Miguel Gallardo, a story full of humor, irony, sincerity and love about how to live with a disability; and the activity 'Exquisite Corpses', a technique used by the surrealists, based on an old board game called consequences, in which players wrote or drew one after another on a sheet of paper, a composition in sequence.


  • UtopiaMarket, Foto: Alexander Castro

  • UtopiaMarkets Illustration
  • 20th, 21st and 22nd October
  • Utopia126
  • Cristóbal de Moura, 126
  • 08019 Barcelona
  • Opening Hours:
  • Friday 20th 7pm-11pm, Saturday 21st 11am-10pm; Sunday 22nd 11am-10pm
  • Entrance Ticket: 3 € (age under 16 free)
  • www.utopiamarkets.com