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TuuuLibrería is a network of second hand book shops in different locations around Spain founded by Alejandro de León Moreno, based on a simple but revolutionary premise: societies that read the most tend also to be the ost productive and the most ethical, that was the catalyst for staring TuuuLibrería back in 2012 which now has two centres in Madrid and aims to open a new bookshop every 6 months around Spain.

The initiative recently arrived in Barcelona, the bookshop is located on Planeta 17, just off the lively plaza del Sol, open everyday from 12 midday till 8 PM. All of the books that can be found on the shelves of TuuuLibrería have been donated by individuals, publishng companies or institutions. A wonderful treasure trove for readers of all ages and literary tastes who can simply take away the books they want for the price which they think reflects what the books are worth. The only proviso being: they can only take the books that they can carry in their hands. The reader will have their books stamped and will be asked to make a voluntary contribution in an anonymous manner in a secret box beside the reception desk.

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  • TuuuLibrería


    TuuuLibrería is an exercise in non-design, the typical ground floor unit in the Gràcia neighbourhood has had all its partitions removed to maximise the book shop space leaving the traces of the differing previous floor tiles. A set-back entrance porch opens directly into the space defined by stripped back walls and exposed electrical cabling. A grunge approach to interior design where a series of pallets lines the perimeter walls acting as book shelves. The books are stacked vertically and divided into sections and different languages so that everyone is bound to find something they will enjoy.

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    There is also a full agenda of cultural events, classes and workshops available for anyone interested in expanding their cultural horizons. Consult the web for further details and programmes.