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Vinyl and photography


A selection of 250 iconic vinyl covers, which reflect the fruitful relationship between photography and music. Robert Frank and the Rolling Stones, Annie Leibovitz and Cindy Lauper, Helmut Newton and INXS, Herb Ritts and Madonna, Weegee and George Michael ... The exhibition, which has been presented in Arles, Zurich and Berlin, comes from the hand of Foto Colectania and then it will travel to Japan. The presentation in Barcelona is completed with a section of Spanish vinyl created especially for the occasion, which includes a sample of the Gladys Palmera Collection, internationally recognized as the most outstanding catalog of Cuban music of the period 1940-1960.

"The main theme of the exhibition is to reveal the work of renowned photographers through vinyl, since most of the greats ones once did a cover. The relationship of a photographer with a popstar or group could sometimes be so intense that it came to forge their brand image ", explains Antoine de Beaupré, collector and curator.

Total Records shows surprising associations, famous vinyls and rarities, from a baroque Helmut Newton photographing the Australian band INXS to Vanity Fair photographers and other prestigious American magazines like Herb Ritts or Annie Leibovitz, associated with Madonna and Cindy Lauper respectively. It also brings together the likes of Jeff Wall on an album by Iggy Pop, the great innovator William Klein who portrayed Serge Gainsbourg, the creative tandem Jean-Paul Goude-Grace Jones, and even a photography classic like Irving Penn portraying Miles Davis.

  • Foto Colectania

    Miles Davis, Tutu, Warner Bros. Records -1-25490, USA, 1986. Photography: Irving Penn. Design: Eiko Ishioka

  • Foto Colectania

    Serge Gainsbourg, Love on the Beat, Philips – 822 849-1, France, 1984. Photography: William Klein

  • Foto Colectania

    Grace Jones, Island Life, Island Records –207 472, France, 1985. Photography: Jean-Paul Goude. Design: Greg Porto

  • Foto Colectania

    Boz Scaggs, Middle Man, Columbia FC 36106, USA, 1980. Photography: Guy Bourdin. Design: Nancy Donald


    In Foto Colectania it can be seen how in those 31.5 by 31.5 cm of a vinyl a work of art is condensed. The exhibition is arranged in different thematic sections, offering a journey that goes from original creations designed for the cover of the album, to the one entitled 'Subliminal reappropriation' in which the musicians have gone through the rich history of photography searching for powerful images that match his music -such is the case of the emblematic cover of Tom Waits that used a photograph by Anders Petersen of his renowned series Café Lehmitz- or the one dedicated to artists like Andy Warhol (and his mythical cover for the Sticky Fingers of the Rolling Stones), Richard Avedon or Jean-Paul Goude.

    As for the local representation, at the end of the seventies, Spain opens up to the new tendencies of the world. Modern photography finds its first references in artists who have become inmissible today. The color of Javier Vallhonrat is opposed to the close-up portraits by Toni Catany. The black and white of Alberto García-Alix gives testimony of a new country. The photographic poetry of Chema Madoz or the photographic typology of Miguel Trillo are some of the many examples of this artistic emancipation. And then there are the vinyls of photographers like Oriol Maspons, Ouka Lele, Francisco Ontañón, Leopoldo Pomés, Javier Vallhonrat, Alberto Schommer and the tandem Marta Sentís-Maria Espeus.

  • Foto Colectania

    The Rolling Stones, Black and Blue, Rolling Stones Records–COC 59106, UK, 1976. Photography: Hiro. Design: Bea Feitler

  • Foto Colectania

    Prince, Lovesexy, Paisley Park –925720-1, USA, 1988. Photography: Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Design: Laura LiPuma

  • Foto Colectania

    Everything but the Girl, Before Today, Virgin –VST 1624, UK, 1997. Photography: Juergen Teller. Design: Form/EBTG


    As parallel activities have been scheduled four sessions by selectors fans of the vinyl as Johann Wald (December), Ari Up (January), Alejandra Fierro / Gladys Palmera (February) and The Clash bassist Paul Simonon (March).



  • From 22 November to 11 March
  • Fundació Foto Colectania
  • Passeig Picasso, 14. 08003 Barcelona
  • www.fotocolectania.org