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The great banquet

A feast of still lifes designed by Julia Pelletier


Illustrator, textile designer and serigraphist Julia Pelletier has designed a family workshop for create an installation inspired by fruits, vegetables, animals and objects that appear in the museum’s still lifes, that will be shown to the public until January 21st.

In this activity, designed for children over 3 years old and conducted by Darío Zeruto, a Pelletier's collaborator, they will work on the theme of food and the staging of a large table where everyone is invited to represent an appetizing holiday menu.

A well-set table is the starting point for creating a drawn and volumetric banquet and at the end of the workshop, you will took a paper menu as a souvenir of the feast.

The space will be open to the public until January 21st.

  • From 03 January to 04 January
  • Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC)
  • Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, espacio anexo a la Sala Oval (antigua librería). 08038 Barcelona
  • www.museunacional.cat
  • 11 am-1 pm
  • Reservation is no required. Maximum 25 people per workshop.
  • Free activity.