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Tan Cemal Genç: Anthology of a Citizen of Istanbul


Tal Cemal Genç (Esmirna, Turkey 1964) is a celebrated figure in his native Turkey thanks to the weekly cartoon strip published in the Radikal daily newspaper, one of the leading newspapers of the country. Istanbul street-life and its everyday events are the sources of his inspiration. The videos, drawings and stories of this exhibition look at themes including the precarious housing of the city, Saturday nights out on the town, the military presence on the streets, poetic visions of the two sides of the city Istanbul (one located in Asia and the other in Europe).  At its essence

Cemal’s work considers human nature expressed through the graphic techniques which he does best, combining stopmotion animation with traditional Turkish continuous single line drawing, calligraphy and optical effects sketches using black ink that he calls ‘rhythmic drawings’. The exhibition curated by Mery Cuesta and organised by KKKB Art Showroom presents an anthology of his entire oeuvre that includes drawings, music videos made for some famous local bands like Pinhani and DDR, home videos and some pages from his well known comic strip. He will also produce a site specific mural on the gallery.

  • ‘Mixed technic’, permanent marker and ink, 50x70cm, 2012 ©Tan Cemal

  • "Star
ink on paper 
2012. ©Tan Cemal

  • "Two sides of Bosphorus", ink on paper, 25x35cms, 2012.©Tan Cemal

  • "Hands", 
ink on paper, 
2009. ©Tan Cemal

  • From 31 October to 14 December
  • KKKB Art Showroom
  • C. Joaquín Costa, 9, 08001 (Raval)
  • www.kkkb.es