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Cali Art Gallery, Barcelona


Barcelona’s contemporary art scene happens as much in its private galleries as it does in its official institutions, perhaps more so. Galleries are a great resource that in reality are under-used, generally they are open to the general public and have helpful staff on hand to explain the artists on exhibition, a place to discover emerging talents. One of the latest to open is the Cali Gallery, located opposite the iconic Casa de les Punxes building, the classic Puig i Cadafalch apartment building, one of the city’s architectural jewels.

The focus of the Cali Art Gallery is ‘street art’, including all its myriad expressions such as graffiti, sticker, stencil, collage etc.. which collectors have been discovering over recent years, evidenced by the exorbidant sums exchanged for works by Bansky, Okuda San Miguel or Antonio Martínez Esteban. Cali will feature both national and international artists.  The programme for this first season of exhibitions includes artists from various countries such as French urban artists Arsen Merioone and Guillaume Ortega and Colombian artists Aleman and Melissa Angel. In addition, you can also see the works of artists Stéphan Ouzilou, popularly known as Fano, and photographer Mister Blad.

  • Cali Art Gallery, Barcelona
  • Cali Art Gallery, Barcelona
  • Cali Art Gallery, Barcelona
  • Cali Art Gallery
  • C. Roselló, 285 
  • 08037 Barcelona
  • T.  +34 680 263 130