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'Sol', Sala Parés

Leticia Feduchi


Sol is the title of a set of landscapes painted in Mallorca during the summer of 2020. A total of 39 paintings make up this exhibition that for the author envolved a journey of discovery and a new way of representing Nature. The inauguration coincides with the publication of a book about her work, Leticia Feduchi. During the two months that the exhibition will last (February 14-April 17), “Portrait of a two-year-old girl” will be projected in the space, a documentary video made by Carlos Perelló and Fede S. Feduchi. In this 13-minute short we get a chance to enter the painter’s studio and see what happens during the process of the creating the portrait of a youg girl.

The exhibition coincides with the publication of Leticia Feduchi a book that brings together her work that focuses on small, daily objects examined under an intense light and purged of any extraneous detail other than form and colour.

  • Leticia Feduchi
  • Leticia Feduchi


    "In this new series, I’m maintaining a distance, through a window, an abstract frame, through which I can go in and out to better experience the air and the space, channelling and concentrating the emotion that Nature produces, what it feels like to be outside: open air in the countryside: the air, the wind, the Sun on the plants and trees, the cool shadows cast, the light through the branches… Territory of physical sensations, smells and sounds too, and less mental space for analysis. Rather a surrendering to the changing heat of the day and the feel of sunlight."

  • Leticia Feduchi
  • From 14 February to 17 April
  • Sala Parés
  • Carrer de Petritxol 5, 08002 Barcelona
  • www.salapares.com