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A Vasava installation


Readymind is an installation by Barcelona's creative studio Vasava. It was part of the exhibition ON! Handcrafted Digital Playgrounds curated by Hector Ayuso and presented at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati and now you can visit the exhibition in Vasava's gallery space located in Calabria street in Barcelona, until October.

  • Vasava explains briefly what is Readmymind about:
    "As creatives, we all have our trials and tribulations when it comes to work. But let’s face it, the worst thing that could happen to us is to misspell a word of two, choose the wrong color or paint outside the lines, which in most cases is a good thing. No, our problems are nothing compared to what people with other professions or other lives go through on a daily basis. This installation is exactly about this, real problems that many people from different walks of life encounter. Here you have the chance to see seven histories through the eyes of seven characters. Here you have the chance to Readmymind."

  • Bill

  • Granny

  • Bruno

  • Joey

  • Bob

  • Julia

  • Sandy

  • From 06 June to 05 October
  • Vasava
  • C. Calabria, 85 08015 Barcelona
  • www.vasava.es
  • Visits: Monday-Friday 10am-2pm / 3pm-6pm
    Free admittance
    Complimentary catalogue