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Jaime Lieberman, N2 Galería BCN


“Psychodarkness” is the artistic project currently on display at Barcelona’s N2 Galería created by Jaime Lieberman comprising of 16 photographic works that feature experimental lighting effects using different exposure techniques together with the artist’s own body. The light becomes the main compositional force of the photographs, a tool with which the artist directs the attention of the observer and leads the visual journey through the works. This project has been in development for the last 12 years during which time Lieberman records the photographs which comprise the exhibition. Through these painstaking works, he manages to capture something unreal, something invisible to the naked eye, converting movement into colourful shapes.

The multifaceted artist aime Lieberman (Mexican by birth residing in Barcelona since 2003), who is also one of the chefs behind the renowned Spoonik project, has spent 12 years shaping this photographic exhibition which he subtitles "study in darkness". The works revolve around experimentation with light carried out through a series of self-portraits of the artist. Holding the light source in his hands moving through choreographed movements the resulting images can become dream-like, explains Jaime. “I've always thought that light combined with the right sensitive material is like a paint brush and canvas.” The resulting images mostly carried out during the night could be described as ‘light paintings’ whose photographic technique involves "painting with light" over a prolonged exposure.

  • Jaime Lieberman

    Underneath your umbershoot, copyright; Jaime Lieberman

  • Jaime Lieberman

    Ceraunoscopy, copyright; Jaime Lieberman

  • Whipless Mistress, copyright; Jaime Lieberman

    The exhibition is on display at the N2 Galería (Enrique Granados 61 – 08008 Barcelona) till July 11th 2015

  • From 11 June to 11 July
  • N2 Galería Barcelona
  • Carrer d'Enric Granados, 61 08008
  • www.n2galeria.com
  • N2 Galería
  • Carrer d'Enric Granados, 61
  • 08008 Barcelona,
  • T. +34 934 52 05 92
  • www.n2galeria.com