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Prose from the Observatory


By Joan Morey 27.01.16

This hour that can arrive sometimes beyond all hours, a hole within the web of time, this way of being between, not above or behind but between, that orifice hour to which we gain access in the lee of the other hours, of the immeasurable life with its hours ahead and on the side, its time for each thing, its things at the precise time (….) 

So begins Julio Cortázar’s story Prose from the Observatory which lends its name to a joint exhibition at Barcelona’s new RocioSantaCruzART Gallery. This story serves as a starting point for this exhibition that explores, like Cortazar, a multiple perspective that examines the discourse of the verbal and the visual. Mar Arza, Joan Bennassar Cerda, Blanca Casas Brullet, Pep Duran, Ferran Garcia Sevilla, Lois Patiño and Montserrat Soto are the artists from diverse work backgrounds that comprise this inaugural exhibition which could also be considered a declaration of intent for this new gallery space. In this exhibition Rocío Santa Cruz stays true to its artistic catalogue of previous exhibition projects and its personal representation of those artists. On the other hand, from the space which the gallery currently occupies, located within the very central Eixample area of Barcelona, it can contemplate the possibility of manoeuvring from a central position without being immersed in the overwhelming effort that any move to the periphery would involve.

  • RocioSantaCruzART
  • RocioSantaCruzART
  • Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 627
  • 08010 Barcelona
  • Till January 30th 2016
  • Photo: Vista de la exposición Prosa del Observatorio, 2015. Cortesía de RocioSantaCruzART