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Desert Rain

Judy McCaig, recent work


Within the framework of the annual JOYA: Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2015, last Wedensday October 7th Judy McCaig opened her Desert Rain / Primavera Silenciosa exhibition at the SIESTA gallery, featuring recently produced jewelry and art works. The pieces are inspired by a world before; before the invention of chemical warfare, dumped poisons turned into harmful pesticides, harmful even lethal to nature, to human beings.

“Spring now comes unheralded by the return of the birds, and the early mornings are strangely silent where once they were filled with the beauty of bird song.” Rachel Carson.

The poem and work for this exhibition were inspired by discovering a book called Silent Spring, published in 1962 by Rachel Carson. Two silences were demanded, she passionately asked people to listen to her courageous warnings about environmental threats, that she believed were caused by synthetic pesticides. Opposing her, many in the petrochemical industry and medical establishment urgently demanded her silence, they needed to keep Rachel Carson quiet.

  • Judy McCaig
  • Judy McCaig

    Still Nights, 2015, German silver steel bronze brass gold herkimer diamond cristals wood perspex

  • Judy McCaig

    Autumn 2015, aluminium silver steel gold leaf perspex bronze brass

  • Judy McCaig

    Silent Spring, 2015, steel Tombak silver silver 22stgold 18ctgold herkimer diamond cristals pressed resin

  • Judy McCaig

    Spring Shadows, 2015


    Silent Spring, Judy McCaig



    Hushed solitude

    Silence, a space void of undesired noise


    Winter light, spring sunshine

    Summer haze, autumn colours.

    Birds twitter gently, butterflies hover

    Bees hum,

    Plants grow

    Crops turn green to golden,

    Nourishing food,

    Oxygenizing the air

    Branches blow in the wind,

    Clear rivers run through lush pastures

    Fields abundant

    Meadow flowers colour the landscapes

    Aromas, wet grass, early morning dew

    Bright skies

    Trees, green


    Pesticide free


    Silence, wake up


    Take action,

    What have we done

    Did we listen too late


    Lethal poisons

    Earth Destroying

    Unnecessary suffering

    Human deformities

    Greed the fault


    Excessive consumption


    Make a change


    before it is too late

    Before corruption and illness triumph

    Before the seeds of our actions take over

    Stop, listen, act


    before it is too late to hear

  • Galería SIESTA,
  • calle Ferlandina 18,
  • 08001 Barcelona 
  • Exhibition running from the 7th till the 31st October
  • Gallery times: Tuesdays to Saturdays 11AM till 2PM and from  5PM till 8.30PM 
  • www.siestaweb.com