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Pop-up gallery collaboration, L’Emporda

Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard

By Brian Gallagher 18.06.21

This weighing down on the legs and the spirit forces us to observe our surroundings more carefully, to let our imaginations fly without taking our feet off the ground. When we stop in the shade, when we take a seat and keep quiet - or chatter endlessly - and don’t do anything, wonderful things can happen. Suddenly everything is capable of becoming art: newspaper headlines, a neighbour’s back, a cactus or a leaf of fennel.

Gabriel Ventura

The summer of 2021 promises to be unlike any other. After being confined in one way or another for almost a year and a half we are now on the threshold of getting back to normal life. The next few months are going to be frenetic as we make up for lost time, for three Barcelona based galleries however the occasion has inspired a pop-up gallery collaboration. Situated in Fonteta, a satellite village outside La Bisbal d’Emporda the gallery, a former furniture shop reflects the theme under which the collaboration is organised Parar la fresca. The saying describes sitting quietly outdoors when the heat of the day is waning and contemplating life, a theme explored by Catalan writer Joan Pla in the book “Las Horas”.

  • Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard
  • Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard

    Los curators of Parar la fresca, from left to right: Joana Roda (Bombon Projects), Àlex Nogueras (NoguerasBlanchard), Patricia de Muga y Marta de Muga (Galería Joan Prats) and Rebeca Blanchard (NoguerasBlanchard).

    Renowned establish gallery Joan Prats (founded 1976) together with more recent newcomers Bombon (founded 2017) and NoguerasBlanchard (founded 2004) co-curated the selection of works on display.  Sculpture, paintings and photography are mixed in an informal manner within a space that feels just right for Parar la fresca with its double doors leading to a barn and untended garden at the rear with a sculpture on display. An unselfconscious space that itself becomes another work of art, eloquent in its ordinariness.

  • Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard


    In addition to the Joan Pla text the project is also inspired by the restrictions on travelling abroad and turns the focus on local and international artists being exhibited locally. The art world like other sectors has had to reinvent itself under the changing circumstances of the last year, this ephemeral project is a case in point. A collaboration that highlights both the synergies and the differences between three very different galleries.

  • Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard

    Rosa Tharrats

    Òpals en ascensció, sea fennel, steel, silk, viscosa, paper, mixed techniques

  • Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard

    Ana Mendieta

    Untitled, 1972-2020: Suite of six photographs B/N, ed. de 12 + III AP 40,6 x 50,8 cm c.u.

  • Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard

    Teresa Solar

    Forma de fuga: tuneladora (2), 2020: tinta acuealea sobre papel - 38 x 57 cm

  • Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard

    Bernat Daviu

    Marquesa, 2021: Oil on linen - 114 x 146 cm

  • Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard

    Wilfredo Prieto

    Hoja verde, 2018: Hoja y pintura acrilica, ed. de 3 +II AP - 40 x 25 x 10cm

  • Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard

    Jordi Mitjà

    Pausa, 2018-19: C-print sobre papel Hahnemuhle - 60 x 55cm

  • Bombon, Joan Prats & NoguerasBlanchard


    The selected artists include world famous international figures, young emerging artists as well as lesser known ones together with pieces from Joan Brossa, perhaps the highest profile artists: Hannah Collins, Anne-Lise Coste, Bernat Daviu, Enric Farrés Duran, Hernández Pijuan, Marine Hugonnier, Chema Madoz, Josep Maynou, Ana Mendieta, Jordi Mitjà, Perejaume, Wilfredo Prieto, Teresa Solar, Antoni Tàpies, Rosa Tharrats, Alicia Kopf, Aldo Urbano, Mari Eastman and Juan Uslé amongst others.

    There will be two selections over the summer, Parar la fresca from June 19th till August 3rd and then Estar a la lluna from August 7th through till September 26th