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Paul Ekaitz

The Timeless Route


The Barcelona artist Paul Ekaitz presents in Recdi8 the works Me, Myselves and I (2016) and You've Never Left (2017), made in collaboration with Rossy de Palma and Bibiana Fernández, respectively, with environments designed for them. They both reflect on the fact of knowing and understanding oneself over time and through the experiences lived.

It is a staging of another already existing with the partial recreation made by the Recdi8 study in situ of both sets; of interior design and art, in a scenic-aesthetic reality. Two worlds with a single objective: to achieve comfort and mental creation in harmony, with enjoyment and passion.

  • Paul Ekaitz. Me, myselves and I. Papel fotográfico Lambda Photographic paper, 180 x 135 cm. Edition 3 + 2 A. P.

  • Paul Ekaitz. You've Never Left. Lambda photographic paper, 180 x 135 cm. Edition 3 + 2 A. P.

  • From 01 December to 26 January
  • Recdi8
  • París, 173. 08036 Barcelona
  • www.recdi8.com
  • MON-FRI: 10 am-2 pm+4 pm-7 pm