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Meta Monumental Market

L’ Hospitalet Cultural District


META MONUMENTAL MARKET is an artistic project that is formalized as a second-hand market. Different artists will offer a selection of works and personal objects to visitors who can acquire or exchange them in an environment closer to the informal economy than to the procedures of the art market.

The project is inspired by artist Martha Rosler's installation, Meta-Monumental Garage Sale. By means of the 'garage sale' – a popular practice in the United States of sale of used objects –, Rosler criticizes the capitalist consumer value system, questioning the position of women and things in relation to the national economy as well as the assignment of value to objects based on the speech where they circulate.
Meta Monumental Market joins the reflections of Rosler and questions the use of the artist as a generator of desire in a system that precarizes, speculates or simplifies work in contemporary art.

  • Meta Monumental Market L'Hospitalet Cultural District


    Organized by Trama 34 and curated by ZaidaTrallero, Meta Monumental Market will occupy the Nogueras Blanchard gallery and the parking of the building situated in C/ Isaac Peral nº 7, in the Cultural District of L'Hospitalet. This five-storey building, formerly a printing press, has been renovated and currently registers an intense artistic activity, accommodating two contemporary art galleries and several workshop-spaces where different artists, cultural agents and artists' associations, such as Trama 34, work.

  • Meta Monumental Market L'Hospitalet Cultural District


    Artists participating in Meta Monumental Market: María I. Barros, Estel Boada, Rafa Castells, Degénero (Fito Conesa + Pilar Cruz), Alba Feito, Miquel García, Andrea Gómez, Matteo Guidi, Ciprian Homorodean + Rose Marie Barrientos, Victor Jaenada, Samuel Labadie, Marc Larré, Laura Llaneli, Pere Llobera, Jan Monclús, Ariadna Parreu, Diego Paonessa, Germán Portal, Xavier Rodríguez Martín, Eloi Rodriguez, Joan Pallé, Christina Schultz + Kati Riquelme + Violeta Mayoral, Mireia c. Saladrigues, Mario Santamaría, Marc Serra, Sitesize, Xavi Ristol, Aldo Urbano, Martin Vitaliti.

  • Meta Monumental Market L'Hospitalet Cultural District
  • Meta Monumental Market L'Hospitalet Cultural District


    In addition to the market there will also be activities like: Guerrilla cuisine, a workshop for children led by Les p'tits explorateurs, Reisman Monday ping-pong tournament organized by El Cuarto del recreo, and music session programmed by María I. Barros with June or July aka José Jünemann and Dj Ivana Ray Singh aka Lucy Tcherno.

  • Meta Monumental Market L'Hospitalet Cultural District
  • Meta Monumental Market L'Hospitalet Cultural District



  • The 02 June
  • Galería Nogueras Blanchard y Parking del edificio
  • C. Isaac Peral, 7 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
  • https://trama34.tumblr.com/
  • From 5pm until 11pm
  • Metro: Santa Eulàlia
  • Free Entrance