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LOOP Festival 2017

Winding the Clock Back


LOOP Festival includes a key selection of works and authors from the last decades, since the 60s up to the 80s, serving as an excellent guide to understanding the audiovisual productions of the present day, commissioned by Eugeni Bonet and Antoni Mercader, respected curators in the history of audiovisual art and New Media in Spain.

Renowned practitioners in the field such as Adrià Goula, Eugenia Balcells, David Hall, Beryl Korot, Chip Lord, Mary Lucier, Antoni Muntadas, Nam June Paik, Carles Pujol, Steina y Woody Vasulka and Peter Weibel will be taking part with installations and projections.

  • LOOP Festival 2017

    Cos Social [Llicó d'anatomia] by Joan Morey, 2017

  • LOOP Festival 2017

    Elephant Cart

    Monographic exhibitions featuring the works of Andy Warhol, Martha Rosler, Tony Oursler, Antoni Miralda and Robert Cahen.

  • LOOP Festival 2017

    Chip Lord, Media Burn, copyright © The Artist

    This year LOOP, the definitive festival of the image in movement takes place between the 18th and 27th of May, and will be going on in 80 galleries across the city with exhibitions going on as far away as Hospitalet, some in very unusual venues like the Cine Avenida de la Luz, in the sub-basemnt of  C/ Pelayo and the Ortigosa carpark.

  • LOOP Festival 2017

    MACBA Marta Rosler

    The festival continues its mission to promote local artists and productions with an important focus on contemporary works in different spaces around the city and pioneers within the area of video art at the Arts Santa Mónica.

  • LOOP Festival 2017

    Steina Vasulka, Machine Vision, CosmoCaixa

    This year the festival also offers a wide ranking programme for professionals headed by the unique LOOP Fair, and a cycle of talks LOOP Talks, on the 25th and the 26th of May 2017.