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Kai Wiedenhöfer



Within the programme of the documentary photography festival DOCfield Barcelona and included in its official section, Confrontier, which can be seen on the facade of the Palau Robert, is a reflection around the walls; examples of the weakness and impossibility of human communication in the face of current political and economic problems.

In Confrontier, Kai Wiedenhöfer has documented the separation walls of Belfast, Ceuta and Melilla, Baghdad, the occupied Palestinian territories, the border between America and Mexico, Cyprus, Korea ...

  • Ceuta and Melilla | Morocco (8 + 13 km). 1993. Moroccans pushing clothing packages towards the entrance to Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Melilla. The fence has been lifted over the past decade to prevent immigration from Africa to the European Union. © Kai WiedenHöfer, Confrontier (Palau Robert).