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Eva Fàbregas

Picture yourself as a block of melting butter


Eva Fàbregas explores the eroticism of the object and the mechanisms of the engineering of desire at the Espai 13 at the Fundació Joan Miró. Through an exhibition titled Picture yourself as a block of melting butter, an art installation that uses the cultures of well-being and relaxation to propose a reflection on the subject-object relation.

Starting off from the typical questions in her production like the exploration of the secret life of everyday objects, Eva Fàbregas’ most recent work looks at the consumer object as a social actor that marks our desires, affections and emotions.

The artist has transformed the room into a space of sensory and somatic experimentation that is inspired by the cultures of well-being and relaxation. A type of spa where experiences are provided and mental states are induced. Imagine you are a block of butter breaking down - a classic exercise in meditation - is the title of this exhibition, which addresses the sensuality of the object of consumption through an immersive installation focused on the new forms of subjectivity that emerge from material culture.

The origins of the exhibition go back to the industry of marketing which since the 1960s has appropriated specific techniques like the psychodama in order to uncover unconscious desires of consumers and designer products aimed at specific segments of the market. From this premise, it unfolds a set of objects related to comfort that includes massage pillows, silicone prostheses, viscoelastic foams, inflatable structures and sensory balls, among others. All these mass produced materials not only mobilize desires and affections, but also directly address the body of the visitor, who is almost invited to inhabit the sculptures. The configuration of the space is inspired by the elements of those centers, such as spas or gyms, where well-being is a product that is consumed daily.

A portable device with earphones is available to connect the different elements through a recorded soundtrack that is part museum audio-guide, part personal trainer motivation and part instructional manual that the visitor must complete. The guide puts forward a series of visual experiences that lead the exhibition visitor to become enmeshed with one of the blow-ups, to become a piece of elastic chewing gum or go through the interior of an automatic car wash machine. Fàbregas also suggests other sensorial exercises related to touch and even smell that convert the corridor for example of Espai 13 into a type of secret room drenched in an artificial fragrance that recreates that of a new car.


As in previous works, the sample reflects the interest of Fàbregas by the animation. On this occasion the artist does not give life to her objects based on cinematographic techniques, but focuses on animation understood as a cosmic principle that animates matter, whether organic or inorganic. When entering the Espai 13, the visitor is surrounded by seats that contort like elastic, doors that dilate and contract, cushions that adhere to the skin looking to merge with it. In the words of Commissioner Jordi Antas, it could be treated "in a contemporary form of animism whose object of worship is none other than the vibrant materiality of an accelerated world. In this way, elements that we would not hesitate to describe as synthetic, industrial or hyperproduced are presented as second nature. "


The exhibition Imagine that you are a block of butter slowly melting can be visited till April 30th and forms part of the A foot outside. Expeditions and diasporas, the cycle of exhibitions takng palce at the Espai 13 within the Foundation during 2016/17. The programme proposes to reflect on issues of belonging, continuity and rupture of the model established in the artistic scene of Barcelona, and aims to reflect the relationships and content, reasoning and uncertainty of those who work displaced, underlining the gaze from a distance. Antas has brought together six artists with proposals independent of each other but with common interests to explore, from their current environment, speculative situations from a liberated position. Ana García-Pineda, Nicolás Lamas, Momu & No Es, Eva Fàbregas, Adrià Julià and Martín Llavaneras presents projects that oscillate between performance and audience participation, fiction and the spontaneous for recreating moments that have become historic, future hypotheses  and symbolic thoughts that define this distant thinking.

  • Eva Fàbregas
  • From 17 March to 30 April
  • Espai 13
  • Fundació Joan Miró, Parc de Montjuïc 08038
  • www.fmirobcn.org
  • Fundació Joan Miró
  • Espai 13
  • Parc de Montjuïc
  • 08038 Barcelona
  • T. 93 443 90 70
  • www.fmirobcn.org