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Paper and Art

Canson® Prize '14 / Esther Montoriol gallery

By Brian Gallagher 27.06.14

In 2010 the renowned manufacturers of specialist art paper Canson® established a new award designed to encourage and promote contemporary artists who use paper in their work. The prize is awarded yearly and is presented alternately in Paris, France and another selected foreign city. In 2014 the Canson® Prize was held at Barcelona’s emblematic Fundació Joan Miró with the winner announced on June 12th last. The five finalists who were short listed this year from an international selection were; Gilles Barbier, Simon Evans, Deborah Grant, Bayrol Jiménez and Alexandre Singh. Their work is currently on exhibition at the Esther Montoriol gallery until June 28th.    

A professional jury headed by Yan Pei Ming, selected English artist Simon Evans as the recipient of this years’ award. Evans (London, 1972) who works in collaboration with his partner Sarah Lennan, currently lives and works in New York. Considered an unusual figure in the world of contemporary art, he started off as a professional skateboarder before writing short stories and composing song lyrics. His drawings, graphs, charts, diagrams and urban plans, classifications and inventories, could be described as a combination of graphic elements, urban poetry and stream-of-consciousness. He explores a type of emotional cartography lying between introspection and projection, influenced by the aesthetics of educational tables from the early 20th C to the delineation of the 21st C. “I try to integrate the exterior world within an interior vision.”

  • Esther Montoriol gallery
  • Simon Evans

    Expensive Stains, Simon Evans

    “The Canson® Prize 2014 was awarded to Simon Evans who together with his wife Sarah Lennan form a unique and affecting couple. With this selection the jury, composed of strong characters wanted to salute an artist who was formed by underground Anglo-Saxon cultural currents, who creates plastic work filled with poetry in which paper becomes sculpture, collage and recycled object.”

    Yan Pei Ming, Canson® Prize 2014 Jury President about Simon Evans

  • Simon Evans

    Simon Evans, Big Ghost, 2013

    Found paper and mixed media on paper / Private collection, Miami

    The work of the five finalists for this years’ Canson® Prize 2014, Gilles Barbier, Simon Evans, Deborah Grant, Bayrol Jiménez and Alexandre Singh- is on xhibition a the Esther Montoriol gallery till June 28th 2014.