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Dos Espacios

Pilar Líbano at àngels barcelona


Art and interior design are combined with the exhibition Dos Espacios currently on view at àngels barcelona. Between December 10th and Januay 16th àngels barcelona gallery invites interior designer Pilar Líbano to create a work inspired by the domestic habitat. The gallery is one of the most intriguing spaces of the Raval neighbourhood and features a typical commercial space which has been beautifully refurbished. The exhibition is very much of its time marking a year 2020 that has proved to be challenging in many ways, converting the home into the very epicentre of our lives.

In 2007 the Pilar Líbano Studio designed the gallery space àngels barcelona, 13 years later and there have been many achievements and stories to tell, none however like the one we are living through this year 2020. At a time when we have been forced to spend more time at home, Dos Espacios (Two Spaces) re-imagines the domestic environment at a key moment. Inspired by the objects, furniture and art that we see in our daily lives, and how our relationship with them has changed.

  • àngels barcelona Pilar Líbano
  • àngels barcelona Pilar Líbano


    Each of the two open-plan rooms belonging to the gallery space presents its own microcosm. Starting from the point of view of a series of basic dichotomies: between design and art, between private and public space, between a cold and a warm environment, and also between monochrome and colour. Dos Espacios includes two imagined homes, and two ways of thinking about the immense possibilities offered by the domestic realm. One, more minimalist and eclectic, that conceives the home as an office. The other, more avant-garde and current, focused as a dining room transformed into an inevitable office. A personal experience in which the designer has included pieces that have a meaning and evoke emotions for her: “I like them, they stimulate me, they intrigue me or they comfort me”. The result is closer to a movie set or a theatre stage, by juxtaposing the intimacy of the home and the public space, which in this case is the gallery.

  • àngels barcelona Pilar Líbano


    Both rooms have been created with the collaboration of artists, art galleries and experts from the world of furniture, such as Against, Roomservice Design, Cotlin, Galería Joan Prats and En Línea Barcelona, among others. It has had the special collaboration of the architect Jaume Pons.

  • àngels barcelona Pilar Líbano
  • From 10 December to 16 December
  • àngels barcelona
  • carrer Pintor Fortuny 27, 08001 Barcelona
  • www.angelsbarcelona.com