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The time of monsters


Valentín Roma, who last April 2016 was named Director of La Virreina, wants to lend this arts centre, till now more concerned with photography, a new focus while at the same time articulating a critical rapprochement through its exhibitions and activities not just through photography but also the image and visual culture in its broadest sense. The programme kicks off with two anthology exhibitions dedicated to the somewhat unorthodox figures, political dissidents and very much under-represented within the museological world: the cinema director and theoretician Alexander Kluge and the multifaceted artist Copi, best known for his drawings and cartoons, but also for his writings and theatrical works and transvestite expressions and freedom with which he questions conventions relating to gender and sexual identity.

The exhibition brings together a wide range of comic strips, many of them original works. The combination facilitates a total immersion into the poetic, uncomfortable and boisterous humour and sarcasm of Copi’s creative work, and gives us the opportunity of once again meeting the emblematic characters amongst which are included the animal figures (like the chickens and talking snails) as well as the seated woman with the large nose. Together with other material included within the exhibition such as the extensive selection of books published by the artist, magazines and newspapers with which he collaborated as well as documentaries and film recordings of some of his performances and theatrical works.

  • Copi. The time of monsters

    Mensuel Charlie Magazine, no. 68, septiembre 1974

  • Copi. The time of monsters

    Gai Pied Magazine, no. 89, octubre 1983

  • Copi. The time of monsters

    Copi, Sale crise pour les putes!, 1984