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Charlotte von Poehl


By Brian Gallagher 04.02.14

"Irrational thoughts should be followed absolutely and logically."

Sol LeWitt


The contemporary design showroom presents Arlequines, the first exhibition in Barcelona by artist Charlotte von Poehl, curated by XO Collection. Von Poehl, originally from Sweden is based in Paris, her work is informed by minimalism and the writings of postmodernist philosopher Gilles Deleuze, expressed through the media of installation, photography, sculpture always however created for a specific physical context, hence the affinity with architecture and interior spaces. Her work is primarily concerned with the observations and contradictions that surround us in our daily lives, order and emotion, the functional and the decorative, systems, sunlight etc. 

The work that inspires the name of this exhibition is a series of framed watercolours (approx 21cm x 28cm) which are exhibited within the basement area of the showroom that consist of a rectangular grid which constitute the framework for a pattern of colours that oscillate around 5 chromatic ingredients that vary over the series suggesting distinctive themes and emotions. Blue is the common colour throughout the series that suggests the sky and the window through which the latent references and meanings can be accessed.

  • Part of the Arlequines series, gouache on paper

  • Newton, installation with chalk and clay

    All of the works have been precisely located within the Greek showroom, (one of Barcelona’s most impressive contemporary design showrooms) among the most impacting of the installations is Newton which represents a recurring theme for von Poehl, stubs of polychromatic clay sit within a square grid loosely marked on the neutral floor surface. A simple ephemeral device that is almost throwaway in its simplicity yet mesmeric when assembled, here the work adapts to the entrance area and is clearly visible from the street.

  • Lamps, 1999

  • 16 Sticks, 2006

  • Charlotte von Poehl

  • From 23 January to 18 March
  • Greek
  • Carrer de Bori i Fontestà, 21
  • www.greekbcn.com