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Body, space, time, language

Performance workshop by Joan Morey


The Centre d'Art Contemporani Fabra i Coats proposes, as part of the Raw Material exhibition, this free activity, aimed at artists and anyone interested in performance as a form of contemporary art production, which will lead the artist Joan Morey from January 29th to February 2nd.

Performance is a common genre in the development of artistic projects that also affects the way of thinking and doing art. Artists use it as a process for communicating ideas and as a place for experimentation or cross-disciplinary research, and even as an escape valve for artistic practice in times of crisis; not only economic crisis but also the crisis an artist may be suffering within the art system, in the production of objects and even in the research of meaning. In this way, performance becomes a testing ground, a tool, an engine or a language for the artist, who by including it in his or her way of doing, must adjust the medium to his or her needs, one of the objectives of this workshop.

What is a performance? What should be considered for a performance? What parameters does the performance follow as a work of art? What is the purpose of documenting a performance? Do you have to be a performer to do a performance? How is a performance planned within the context of art?

Body, space, time, language has a structure that is fragmented by subject, with the purpose of providing information on the different forms of managing a performance project and to provide practical tools for its execution, taking into consideration that preparing a plan and prior organisation allow us to make the most of introducing the performance into the area of contemporary art. During the workshop, some of the projects by Joan Morey will be analysed, taking a closer look at the subjects addressed from his professional viewpoint and experience.

Introduction to the performance genre / Organisation of ideas and conceptualisation / The figure of performer / The audience in the performance / Technical planning and preproduction / Documentary record / Vestiges of performance and derived works / Performance and publications

  • Il Linguaggio del Corpo [The Language of the Body] [Belvedere] © Joan Morey. Rome, 2015. Project created with the MAEC_AECID grant for the residencies programme of Spanish and foreign artists and researchers at The Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.

  • 5 pm-8 pm
  • Registration required. Limited places. Closing date for enrollment: January 23rd. Applications by e-mail to centredart@bcn.cat, attaching a short motivation letter and a personal profile.