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Bikeriders & Uptown, Danny Lyon

Fundació Foto Colectania


Fundació Foto Colectania presents "The Bikeriders" and "Uptown", two of the most important photographic series produced by renowned American photographer Danny Lyon. After exhibiting his emblematic series "Conversations with the Dead" Fundació Foto Colectania continues to bring the work of this important photographer to a wider public, both series belong to Martin Z. Margulies. "The Bikeriders" (1962 1966) is the first comprehensive work of Danny Lyon and shows the author's association with the bikers of the American Midwest region. With the "Uptown" (1965) photographic series the author reflects on the daily lives of immigrants living in northern Chicago neighbourhoods.

Danny Lyon is considered one of the most original and influential documentary photographers of the twentieth century, his images are noteworthy because of the he insinuates his way into the communities that he photographs across the United States.

  • Cal Elkhorn, Wisconsin

  • Memorial Day Milkwaukee

    The exhibition photographs belong to the Martin Z. Margulies collection. Margulies has been collecting art works over the past 30 years which constitute one of the largest private collections of contemporary art in the world. His not-for-profit foundation and Fundació Foto Colectania have collaborated in order to present a wide range of projects related to photography, including the exhibition "Chema Madoz, photographs of the Fundació Foto Colectania" which can be visited until April 26, in the city of Miami. 

  • Brothers and sisters with a courier van

  • From 24 January to 17 April
  • Fundació Foto Colectania
  • Julián Romea, 6 08017 Barcelona
  • www.colectania.es
  • ‘The Bikeriders’ and ‘Uptown’ by photographer Danny Lyon