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Carlos Puig Padilla


The kaleidoscopic images belonging to Carlos Puig Padilla’s brilliant exhibition Beingpsicodelic will be on display till August 31st within the large windows of the legendary hotel Majestic in Barcelona. A free gift to the city’s art lovers including some of the most intimate and experimental images ever taken by unclassifiable photographer Carlos Puig Padilla. Fashion designer, photographer, Dj and occasional journalist the over-the-top personality and friend of the stars is hailed by all in the business (he’s designed foot wear for Catherine Deneuve, dressed Carla Bruni and even udressed Naomi Campbell, captured on camera!!) .. Carlos also works in education, determined to pass on his years of experience from a decades long career as a designer of footwear and consultant to luxury brand names to a younger generation.

Originally from Barcelona but Parisian by adoption, Carlos presents a series of 15 photographs taken in 5 world cities. Through these images he explores the secrets of life: by escaping the perception of time passing to reach infinite happiness. A projection of his inner world reflected through each of these pictures whose ultimate aim is to extend beyond time those moments that make life special. The selected cities are the photographer’s most idolised: Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and Salvador.

  • Beingpsicodelic

    Casino, Carlos Puig Padilla

  • Beingpsicodelic

    Metropolis, Carlos Puig Padilla

  • Beingpsicodelic

    Quasimodo Love, Carlos Puig Padilla

  • Beingpsicodelic

    Up & Down,Carlos Puig Padilla

    “Psicodelic is the pleasure of repetition and the belief that what is beautiful is even more so if it’s repeated. When I take a photograph, I think how am I going to duplicate, combine or juxtapose it in order to change its meaning so that its beauty, in my eyes, is even greater than the original moment I captured the light,” explains Carlos Puig Padilla.


  • Carlos Puig Padilla, Bibiana Fernandez, Elena Bennaroch and Manuel Outumero

  • Hotel Majestic
  • Passeig de Gràcia, 68-70,
  • 08007 Barcelona,
  • Tel:+34 934 88 17 17
  • www.hotelmajestic.es