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Barcelona Flashback

The city in 100 objects

By Brian Gallagher 16.10.19

How to represent the history of an entire city through a collection of 100 artefacts? The Barcelona Flashback exhibition at the Museu d’Història de Barcelona attempts to do just that with this innovative and interactive project. With 2,000 years of history to choose from the selection of 100 objects is unenviable in terms of sheer scope and scale. Each and every one of these objects is capable of justifying an entire exhibition of their own. Joan Roca director del Museu d’Història de Barcelona, has assembled an expert team that look after the various elements of the exhibition which includes an historical narrative form the 2nd Century A.D. to the beginnings of the 21st Century.

Located in the renowned Casa Padellàs which is situated adjacent to the Plaza del Rey in the Casco Antiguo the MUHBA is itself a part of the city’s history. Visitors get the opportunity to areas of the museum that have not been previously been open to the public. The presentation is pop format with dialogue bubbles and additional texts in Catalan, Spanish and English.

  • Barcelona Flashback


    The individual pieces range from a Roman coin to a 4.5 ton clock mechanism that is on display within its own dedicated space. The eclectic collection of artefacts aims to present information in an interactive manner, with numerous touch screen displays, charts and graphs that provide an informative and spell binding experience. Designed to take approximately one hour to take in but for anyone with even the remotest interest in history it will take longer. Open to the general public and with special group rates for schools.

  • Barcelona Flashback


    Opening hours:

    Monday till Friday, from  10 am till 2 pm and 4 pm till 7 pm