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Art Battle marks its second edition in Barcelona this November 16th in the company of Simon Plashkes, its international president.

Art Battle was founded in New York back in September of 2001 with street and university trained artists competing against one another in an abandoned lot on Houston Street to test their skills before a live audience. The event made such an impact that it was repeated later in the Brooklyn Museum and the Metropolitan Art Museu before 2,500 people. Since then it has spread to more than 60 cities in the world and has managed to create an international community of artists connected to the challenge of competing live.

  • Art Battle at Utopia 126
  • Art Battle at Utopia 126


    12 local artists including amateurs, students, emerging as well as established ones will be given just 20 minutes to create a work of art using acrylic on canvas. The public also can participate with the proceedings: they’re free to move around between the easels, observing the techniques and then voting for the four best works. The final battle will be between these artists, but there can only be the winner who’ll then go to the national finals to be held mid-May in Madrid.

  • Art Battle at Utopia 126

    After the event the Works will be auctioned amongst the attending public.

  • Art Battle at Utopia 126


    There’ll also be DJs, food and cocktails, with activities for kids as well as workshops provided by Planet Bea and mini battles between the participants, in addition to the installation of Antloop, a Creatve Tech studio that has developed Light Box, an interactive artistic installation that turns the gesture into light.

  • Art Battle at Utopia 126


    The following artists have all confirmed their participaton: Katarzyna Rzedzian, Paulo Duarte, Alberto Castiñeira (Hasu Art), Patricia Gimenez Barrera, Jack Surrealista, Ben Hunter, Felix Zilinskas, Estela Román, Esteban Uribe Escobar, Kike Granados de Foronda and Alina Miro.

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