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Albert Florent

Do You Know Her Name?


The presence of women in the history of architecture has been constant but often obscured.

This fact is the starting point for the exhibition by Albert Florent, which arose from the determination to modify a narrative and contribute to a change that, in the words of Zaida Muxí Martínez “should make a place in the history of architecture and urbanism for the women who in their own right made a contribution to the construction of our environment and to our knowledge through their professional practices, whether regulated or not”.

  • The idea came about from a talk which Florent gave on occasion of his previous exhibition, in which he was questioned about the scant number of female architects
    behind the buildings he paints. He felt himself to be complicit in this disregard, hence ‘Do You Know Her Name?’, devoted to those women.

  • There are 16 works produced with acrylics, felt-tip pen and pencil on linen as well as one print on paper. The E-1027 House by Eileen Gray, the Refuge Tonneau by Charlotte
    Perriand, the Lieb House by Denise Scott Brown, the Rietveld-Schröder House by Truus Schröder, the Museum of Art of
    São Paulo by Lina Bo Bardi, the Moriyama House by Kazuyo Sejima, the Institut Vilartagues by Carme Pigem
    (RCR Arquitectes), the Igualada crematorium by Carme Pinós…