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Zuzunaga for Teixidors

Integrate: Time and Space

By Silvia Micolau 08.02.13

Designer Cristian Zuzunaga operates in London for the Terrassa based firm who has launched this range of blankets, plaids and cushion covers made using 100% ecological merino wool, hand made fabrics using the timber looms of one of the last surviving of the formerly important Catalan textile industry.

Integrate: Time and Space is based on the pixelated image, so characteristic of Zuzunaga, exploring concepts relating to scale and colour (with 8 x 8 combinations), that convert the digital into the real. He won the ICFF Editors 2012 Award within the textile category, the collection is on sale at Matèria (Rector Ubach, 43. Barcelona).

Since its foundation back in 1983, the cooperative Teixidors has opted for solidarity through its labour relations, with great success integrating people with learning difficulties, to produce its specialised products based on high craft that encourages psychomotor education and the optimisation of the senses. The craft of weaving is one that demands high precision and skill in its production of unique and one-off products.