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However we think of our home environment; refuge from the chaotic urban realm, cherished backdrop to the our day to day lives, whether it be an apartment or semi detached house our desire to make it our own and put our own stamp on it is universal. Decorating or redecorating (even on a low budget) is as much a psychological exercise as a physical change; painting the walls, choosing the right piece of furniture or putting down a timber floor are among the many ways we put our personal stamp on our domestic surroundings. Fashions for home décor come and go and come back again, wall paper has become chic once again together with decorative adhesive vinyl. With the advent of the digital era and improvements in printing technology practically any image can be reproduced and used in any manner of ways for adorning our home or work spaces making them a little more personalised and unique.

  • Bathroom door + design pattern

    Offering clients a graphic design and installation service that can customise any imaginable surface from salt cellars to murals, exhibition stands to marketing campaigns WitLab is a Barcelona based business that caters to both home and commercial applications. Comprising a team of professional media consultants, designers, photographers and illustrators specialising in visual communication whose expertise is at the service of their client’s imaginations. The planning, design, production and realisation stages are all managed by the in-house team working in collaboration with interior designers, architects and engineers.

  • Pacman Vinyl

    Since 2009 WitLab has operated from its concept store / gallery and showroom located on one of Barcelona’s most busy junctions at the intersection of Travessera de Gràcia, 82 with C. Balmes, selling all sorts of miscellaneous objects, posters, presents and other graphic artefacts.

  • Interiro of WitLab shop

  • Restaurant mural

  • Decorative vinyl adhesives

  • Travessera de Gràcia, 82
  • 08006 Barcelona T. 93 237 80 37
  • www.witlab.es