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With Chester at MINIM

"The intelligence of the hand"


September 19th the design showroom MINIM hosted a design installation featuring a performance construction of the iconic Poltrona Frau ‘Chester’ sofa. “La inteligencia de las manos” had been previously presented at the Poltrona Frau showrooms in Madrid and Palma Majorca where a craftsman assembled a sofa from the various elements laid bare providing a unique opportunity to fully appreciate the complexity and skill involve with its manufacture “150 meters of stitched thread, 60 double-cone springs, 14 kilos of beech wood, 70 studs covered in leather, 15 kilos of horsehair, 18 linear meters of  jute belt and 10 square meters of Frau® Pelle leather ..”.

The exhibition will run until October 15th of 2014 "La intelligence of the hand" is divided into three areas: one dedicated to the classical collection, another to more contemporary models and the third to the Night line. Designed in 1912 by Renzo Frau, Poltrona Frau’s original founder, even after more than 100 years the Chester still represents the essence of expertise and excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

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  • Poltrona Frau


    The specialised upholstering techniques and setting of the buttons are explained, the complex quilting process as well as how the pleated armrest is achieved, a task only undertaken by the most experienced craftsmen due to the degree of precision required. The display window at MINIM will become the creative laboratory for Poltrona Frau till the middle of October, featuring the secrets passed from one generation to the next of the Poltrona Frau craftsmen. Skills that have been acquired over a century but which are equally constantly renewed

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