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We Have a Plan

Zaven at Formista


Founded in 2006 by Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno, Zaven is a design studio which focuses its research on the interaction between communications, design and art. Zaven works with industrial design, graphic and installation design, standing out for its ability to develop collaborations among creatives from different environments from inside and outside the world of design. Working hand in hand with artisans who create their designs, Zaven aims to rediscover historical and contemporary techniques and processes, while at the same time reinterpreting them through their unique focus. The exhibition at Formista includes some of the most iconic pieces from this dynamic and creative design duo, including pieces especially created for the exhibition.

  • zaven

    Unbroken, Scotchtape + Vase

  • pila

    Pila, Ceramic Vase

  • boccia

    Boccia, Glassware

  • unbroken


  • We Have a Plan, Zaven
  • Formista Design Exhibition
  • www.zaven.net
  • Formista, C/ Sagristans 9, 08002 Barcelona