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Volkswagen’s electric car: e-up!

Friends Electric

By Brian Gallagher 27.11.13

Last Saturday November 16th Barcelona hosted the Expoelectric Formula-e, an opportunity for Barcelona residents to see and test drive a range of electric cars. Located at the Arc de Triomf esplanade on Passeig de Lluís Companys which connects Ciutadella with Passeig de Sant Joan.

The market is becoming ever more receptive to the idea of the electric car predicated on the sophisticated technology which over the years has increased the range, performance and affordability of these vehicles.

 Specifically the urban context is being identified by planners and manufacturers as a priority for their combined efforts, given that most journeys are under 50km and that agreed reduction targets of Co² emissions which simply will not be met without a radical rethink of our day to day lives.

Volkswagen e-up; Friends Electric

The Volkswagen e-up! is an evolutionary step forward from one of the most respected motor companies in the world, not only in terms of the advances in battery and design but also in terms of customer service and a realisation that if the electric car is to be embraced by an increasingly receptive public then it will be because of a number of combined factors that involve public and private cooperation.

Volkswagen’s electric car is a constituent member of the up! range of city cars belonging to Volkswagon New Small Family (or NSF) group first launched at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011, the concept is true to the company’s core values of manufacturing affordable vehicles aimed at the mass market with room for four adults, ample luggage space, easy handling and the feel of a larger car.

  • After Sales Service and Guarantee

    But the main attraction and the reason why consumers will be convinced by this electric vehicle is the back up service and parts guarantees including 8 years for the battery which for an avant-garde product provides a lot of peace of mind.

  • The presentaion of Volkswagen's e-up! electric car in Barcelona on November 16th

  • Volkswagen Electric E-UP

    Recharging and Battery Life

    The main advance with the electric version is the 18.7 kWh lithium-ion battery, located below the car providing a range of 160 km and superior equilibrium. Like all electric cars the automatic transmission is simple to get the hang of however Volkswagen have incorporated an innovative traction type power recovery system which optimises battery life and leads to a more intuitive driving experience.

    Recharging the batteries requires between 8 and 10 hours via a standard 230 Volt socket at home however a special kit can also be purchased which shaves 2 hours off that, the installation is inspected and certified by the Volkswagon team. Specific DC fast charging power points can provide 80% charge in just 30 minutes. Barcelona has an extensive network of electric vehicle charging stations distributed throughout the city.

    The other criticism normally aimed at electric vehicles i.e. lack of power has also been affectively addressed by Volkswagen’s e-up!, its electric motor delivers 210 Nm of torque which translates into an acceleration of 0-100 km in 12.4 seconds with a top speed of 130 kph.

  • Volkswagen Electric E-UP

    Interior and Exterior Design

    Finally the design both inside and outside could be defined as fuss-free, the simple styling includes flourishes including the sun roof (optional), LED lighting and compact body which is reflected on the interior with an easy to understand dashboard and elegant finish. The Volkswagen e-up! goes on sale in Spain from early 2014.