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Usagui Tea Room

Tea and sympathy in Gràcia


The Kazuya Morita Architecture practice has recently converted this space in Barcelona which was once an Italian restaurant into a charming and distinctive Japanese Tea Room. After having completely stripped back the original (typical of this neighbourhood) to its envelope very little else has been added maintaining as it does the brick finish of the walls and original ceiling.

There are three key inspirational ingredients for the refurbishment project: Japanese, ‘tea’ and Barcelona; each are legible through a specific design element within the interior. The red shelving unit reminiscent of Chinese decoration that accommodates the various cups and recalls the origins of tea. The white counter represents the purity of Japanese tea ceremony and its sophisticated sense of beauty. The classic Barcelona brick walls are symbolic of the tea room’s urban context.

  • View of serving counter

    Daisuke Nakashima

  • Despite the Japanese inspiration all classical allusions and clichés have been avoided, there are no ‘shoji’ screens, no tatami mats just a calm and relaxing ambience that makes reference to its origins through sophisticated elements like the finish to the white plaster bar counter using traditional Japanese architectural application techniques.

    Daisuke Nakashima

  • View of entrance from C. Santjoanistes, 28

    Daisuke Nakashima

  • Shelving with tea cups displayed

    Daisuke Nakashima

  • Walls with exposed brick finish

    Daisuke Nakashima

  • Tetería Usagui
  • Calle Santjoanistes 28
  • 08006 Barcelona
  • Tues-Sat; 11- 20h