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An extra-ordinary August

Some suggestions

Mundana is a refuge from everyday life, these six proposals for a summer out of the ordinary are inspired by it.

Bravanariz's Inside Scents bring the great aromas of the Empordà's landscapes to your home. The fact is that, just as eating seasonal products is good for us, smelling the aromas of each season also benefits us, putting us in touch with the internal of nature. Because after all, we are nature too. These 100% natural scents will help you get back in touch with the green energy of the Mediterranean, for you and your home. August type scents like mint, fennel, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, anise, cypress, rockrose and pine. It includes a poster with an illustration by Sonia Estévez inspired by the summer and a text by Ernesto Collado, creator of Bravanariz.

  • Mundana
  • Mundana

    Pla, Illetes

    Handcrafted footwear is a must for a strong foot. If you don’t have these sandals you should! The Illetes model by Pla, one of the first designs of this Majorcan firm, made with a single jute braid that is formed over cotton lining creating the figure 8. Run now and get your pair!

  • Mundana

    LinenMe, Philippe

    Philippe by LinenMe is a linen beach towel, light but yet highly absorbent, which dries super fast, improves over time, getting softer with each use, and for all these reasons it will be at the top of the non-standardised essentials to pack in your suitcase this vacation.

  • Mundana

    Frescobol 1946, Soft Blue

    Beach rackets originated in Copacabana in the mid-1940s. The adaptation of tennis to the seashore was called Frescobol. On sandy beaches they are the ultimate sport, and at Mundana, there are genuine sets available in three colours. Made of walnut and linden wood, precise in weight and dimensions, with a delightful padded grip, the paddles come with two balls of different density (depending on level) and a cotton bag. For fun down for decades. Bossanova in the air. Get playing, clack, clack, clack...

  • Mundana

    André Ricard, Cántaro 2020

    At the age of 92, André Ricard, the author of design icons such as the Tatú lamp and the Tong ice tongs, challenged himself to try his hand at a pitcher. Made from glazed ceramic and released in 2020 by the Museu del Càntir d'Argentona, it shatters the dichotomy between tradition and modernity. To use it or to admire it is the same thing.

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    Editorial Tenov, 'Vinçon 1929-2015'

    Vinçon was, from 1930s when it first opened until 2015, one of the commercial attractions of Barcelona's Passeig de Gràcia. The store, which offered an "extensive assortment of objects of all kinds in general", became a reference for design in this country. It gave visibility to international trends and space for local designers to grow. It was a shop with its own personality that became a reference for design and changed the way of seeing and consuming design, through direct communication and a special sense of humour that broke with the elitism of the sector. The third volume of the Editorial Tenov's Imprescindibles collection refreshes Fernando Amat’s concept for all those who knew it, and discovers it to the generations that did not get to walk through it.