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Trípode turns 25

Icoinc lamp by Santa&Cole


What do most classic industrial designs have in common? That they have reached the point perfection in their evolutionary journey. Whether that be a decorative artefact, product or household object. Nothing other than small tweeks can make it any better. Rather like Trípode, a much imitated but nevertheless unique lamp by Santa & Cole, the renowned Barcelona based brand.

To mark 25 years of Trípode, Santa & Cole presents two new shades in collaboration with Barcelona designer Júlia Esqué. The Trípode is one of the most iconic collections within the company catalogue. Created by the Santa & Cole team in 1997, this design came about as a version of the lampshade of the GT5 suspension lamp (1994) an extraordinary simple but timeless design: a bundle of three black rods joined together supporting a wide taped lampshade. Its success led years later to conceive two desktop versions with the same proportions: Tripod G6 and Tripod M3.

  • Trípode by Santa&Cole
  • Trípode by Santa&Cole


    This year 2022, two new screens have been presented in collaboration with the Barcelona designer Júlia Esqué, who is a renowned specialist in textile design. One of which is a fine pin-stripe while the other is slightly thicker, wrapped around the metal structure shade. Júlia Esqué was inspired by the 1990s aesthetic, her references include Annie Albers, the great Bauhaus textile artist, and fabrics used for tailoring business suits.

  • Trípode by Santa&Cole