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Ferm Living at Nordicthink


A new collection of contemporary accessories for the home produced by the Danish brand Ferm Living and available at the Nordicthink concept store which recalls the classic modernity of the Bauhaus ad Art Deco art movements. 

Ferm Living references the Bauhaus aesthetic for its new collection of home accessories: “simplicity as a standard for elegance,” which also features touches of Art Deco styling. The brand draws on the graphic design of these two movements, based on elemental geometric motifs including circular, triangular and square shapes which are applied to simple everyday items like plate settings, tea towels, table mats and wallpaper. The neutral palette of colours expresses the Scandinavian influence, so typical of Nordic design.

  • Nordicthink Ferm Living
  • Nordicthink Ferm Living

    Place mat from the Ferm Living collection

    The Ferm Living design for table mats make for an elegant setting while also protecting surfaces from heat appliances and plates, kettles etc. They are meant for day to day use as they are easily leaned with a wet wipe.The underside is made from cork making sure there is no slip, the top part is made from a duratree type material made from wood and paper which is varnished. The choice of colours includes; dark blue, light blue, mint green and white.

  • Nordicthink Ferm Living

    Table mat from the Ferm Living collection

    The table mat element of the collection consists of a three dimensional laser cut wooden mat made from smoked oak which picks up on the geometric motifs of the place settings. The pieces also inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetic are designed as practical objects for protecting surfaces but can also be used as decorative wall installations.  

  • Nordicthink Ferm Living


    For design obsessives looking for a matching accessories Ferm Living have also produced a dishcloth made from 100% organic cotton which is also available in different colours; blue, black, grey ad mint.