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Stojo cup

Compact & environmentaly friendly


Nowadays we all want to do our bit for the environment, no matter how small the gesture it all adds up. That’s one of the reasons why the New York brand Stojo came up with its sustainable, collapsible, and BPA Free reusable cup. In addition to being ecological, it’s a very elegant item of tableware whether stationary or to go. Stojo Cup is suitable for hot or cold drinks, as well as food. All its parts are easily disassembled and washed. It is also microwave (without lid) and dishwasher safe. Its composition is Food Grade silicone and Polypropylene.

Stojo cup is collapsible with a single wrist action so takes up very little storage space. It comes in three different sizes: 70 ml, 35 ml and the smallest one 26 ml. In a variety of contemporary colours with the possibility of combining two different ones for a more customised version.

  • Stojo cup
  • Stojo cup