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Recently arrived in Barcelona the French-Japanese furniture brand Stellar Works has been producing new collections of traditional style furniture inspired by world cultures from around the globe but especially Japanese traditions under the creative direction of the Shanghai based Neri&Hu with the collaboration of other design studios who specialise in the reinterpretation of ancestral heritage.

Stellar Works have made a point of building bridges between different historical eras, west and east, what is modern and what is traditional benefiting from crafts specialists in France, China and Japan.
  • Stellar Works

    Valet Bar Cart

  • Stellar Works

    Dowry Cabinet frosted glass

    The mission is to design furniture that is simultaneously a continuation of an existing tradition and the expression of a new one, but in sync. Stellar Works as a company aims at follwoing sustainable practices, which controls production processes from beginning to end. Thus, the wood comes from responsible logging, the rest of raw materials (metal, fabrics, leather) have strict traceability certificates, and all this has been classified with 4 stars according to Japanese certified, the strictest in the industry.

  • Stellar Works

    SW Daybed

    In terms of the way that the company preserves historical styles from the past, its vintage range includes icons of 20th C design like Vilhelm Wolhert and Carlo Forcolini, with a light touch 21st C reinterpretation. Meanwhile regarding the more contemporary furniture collections elements of the famous movements from the last century are celebrated with individual pieces, such as the Bauhaus functionality or the refined Scandinavian simplicity of mid 20th Century, often cross referenced with the Asian aesthetic.

  • Stellar Works

    SW Sofa Two Seater

    Stellar Works furniture is featured in world renowned interiors like the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, the Baccarat Hotel of New York and the Banyan Tree in Yanshuo, as well the Gucci boutiques of the Asian-Pacific region.

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    Utility Armchair U

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    Valet Mixology Center

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    Valet ad stool