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Solar Architecture

Endesa Pavilion


A curious multi-faceted timber box fitted with solar panels located on the quay at Marina will be in place for the next 12 months. A collaboration between the IAAC (Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia) together with Endesa the installation is an experimental pavilion constructed under the framework of the Smart City BCN International Congress.

Alternative energy has not quite taken off in the way that perhaps twenty of thirty years ago we might have imagined despite the increase in the price of fossil fuels as well as the complex politics surrounding their extraction and exploitation. Collectively we know as a society that sooner or later new solutions are going to have to be found, and indeed many interesting projects are beginning to be developed such as the Plataforma Solúcar, in Seville Abengoa (see B-Guided #35, Spring 2008).

The ENDESA pavilion marks another step forward in this regard, open to the public during the course of one year it will be monitored and used for research purposes for the intelligent management of energy. The design is generated by its orientation with respect to the solar path, the approach is both intuitive and low-tech. A terrace opens towards the south, while the northern facing facades are hermetically closed ensuring less heat loss. The deep folds and canopies of the timber skin create both a sculpted and practical shading device.

  • The ENDESA Pavilion located on the La Marina quay

    © Adrià Goula

  • Solar panels orientated towards the solar path

    © Adrià Goula

  • View from inside the pavilion

    © Adrià Goula

  • General view from quay

    © Adrià Goula