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Small Worlds

Au. blanc

By Brian Gallagher 25.01.13

Sometimes an object can be so disarmingly powerful that it can stop us in our tracks, we loose ourselves in its beauty, proof that the human spirit and the hand are capable of transcendental perfection. No photograph or description can really communicate this sense of physicality, it must be experienced in order to understand.

Exclusively available in Barcelona at Au.blanc the Small Worlds limited collection consists of four hand crafted assemblages of glass, they represent the harmony within their miniature natural worlds whether it be the bee’s nest, the owl perching in a winter’s tree, the depths of the oceans or the earth as it floats through space.

  • no sweet no sweat, Small Worlds por Christian Haas -2010

  • wisdom is good companion, Small Worlds by Christian Haas - 2011

    The recently opened au.blanc specialising in glassware and quality porcelain, cutlery and tableware is an impressive alternative shop to the more established Barcelona tableware retailers. Personal attention and expert advice. The porcelain labels include renowned references such as KPM and Fürstenberg, some of the glassware labels including Theresienthal, Lobmeyr and Artĕl are exclusive to au.blanc. The pieces range from the affordable to the ultra luxurious for collectors the pieces can be bought separately which puts these utilitarian objets de arte within reach of all.

  • still water run deep, Small Worlds by Christian Haas - 2011

    Theresienthal was founded by Ludwig I of Bavaria in the 19th Century inspired by the consort’s name Therese. Favoured by the royal families of Europe it soon became fashionable within the bourgeoisie classes and now is on sale in Barcelona at Au.blanc.

  • a matter of perspective, Small Worlds por Christian Haas - 2011

  • Hand crafted by Theresienthal, limited to fifty pieces each.
  • www.aublanc.es
  • C. València 223, 08007 Barcelona
  • Tel. 93 1775 464