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Skagerak at Nordicthink

Ingenious, functional and beautiful furniture

By B. Gallagher 06.04.17

The Danish design company Skagerak takes a sustainable approach not only to its furniture design products but also to its business structure. This family run business which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016 presented a selection of recent furniture at the Nordicthink design showroom in Barcelona that specialises in Scandinavian design, where the work is also on sale. Including outdoor and indoor furniture the designs are informed by the Skagerak philosophy of using sustainable materials such as wood sourced from FSC certified forests in timeless designs that are passed from one generation to the next.

The owners of Skagerak Vibeke and Jesper Panduro work with mainly Scandinavian designers establishing close relationships such as the collaboration with professional partnership Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm and Margrethe Odgaard (designers of the Vivlio shelf-system) where the designers were given carte blanche to come up a series of products over the next five years. With limited editions and carefully curated designs Skagerak products are typically functional, simple and beautifully crafted. Even their catalogue represents an approach that takes pride in the longevity of their designs with the pieces photographed in the actual houses of their owners.

  • Skagerak at Nordicthink

    Vivlio shelf-system

  • Skagerak at Nordicthink

    TAF Swiss architects created the Overlap table with matching set of benches. Although the shape is very simple, its craftsmanship and the contrast between rustic wooden planks and painted steel legs gives Overlap a modern touch and contemporary appeal.


    All the following Skagerak furniture pieces are on exhibition at the new Nordicthink showroom location on Casanova between Paris and Londres in the Eixample neighbourhood.

  • Skagerak at Nordicthink

    The Mira chair, designed by Mia Lagerman, is made from steel with distinctive wire mesh elements. It is a stackable and easy to combine chair, it is available in several colours.

    It can be purchased with or without armrests.

  • Skagerak at Nordicthink

    Reform bench and table, is a design by Louise Hederström.

    It is made with a fineness of craftsman who - as its name suggests - allows you to change shape between the table and the bench. As the top board does not have a predefined top or bottom, you can choose freely between the two functions. Lightweight aluminum makes Reform easy to move and graphic surface stripes allow water to flow.

  • Skagerak at Nordicthink

    The Hang chair by Skagerak is designed by Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm, who was invited by Nordicthink to talk about her work. It is inspired by the classic hammocks with a simple and welcoming form. An upholstered fabric seat, resembling a hammock, rests on a thin steel frame. The material is Barriere Panama, a fabric resistant to UV rays, stains and mildew, makes the chair ideal for outdoor use. Its modern Scandinavian style makes the Hang chair compatible with any terrace or garden design.

  • Skagerak at Nordicthink

    The Vivlio shelf system made by Skagerak, is a versatile shelving system that both uts on display and hides its contents. There is a wide range of finish options that allow you to adapt the shelf to any space. With three heights and colours. Vivlio, designed by the professional partnership formed by Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm and Margrethe Odgaard, is a tribute to the flexibility and aesthetics of simplicity. The two designers were at Nordicthink explaining their creative process.

    Materials: Steel and ash

  • Skagerak at Nordicthink

    The Georg collection, designed by Chris L. Halstrøm, is inspired by the need for storage, hang and leave things in the hallway of a house. The stool is part of the permanent collection of the design museum Trapholts (Denmark), is a seat designed as a meeting of materials between wood, wool and leather, wanting to combine Nordic sensuality with Japanese minimalism.

    The collection consists of: a stool, a bench, a desk, a hanger, a shelf, a table, a mirror and hangers.

  • Skagerak at Nordicthink

    The Hven chairs and table are expressed with great simplicity and aesthetic lightness, and above all else comfort, manufactured using FSC certified wood. The Hven collection is designed to be timeless, functional, and respectful towards the environment. The design is by the Swedish Anton Björsing.

    Material: Oak