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Santa & Cole Gallery

Design, artworks & musical instruments

By Brian Gallagher 19.05.21

A new venture for an icon of local design, Santa & Cole opens an unconventional gallery featuring artworks, design and musical instruements. Sharing the space with another Barcelona design veteran Nani Marquina, in one of the city centre’s most compelling spaces on Rosselló (with Av. Diagonal). The former car park with its ramps and wide open spaces has a bifurcated layout. Each of the brands has an individual entrance, with Santa & Cole occupying the mezzanine while Nani Marquina continues to exhibit carpets and rugs on the lower floor. Undoubtedly there’s a synergy between these two co-habitants in a space that will host regularly events, concerts and exhibitions, the first of which is entitled Un paseo por nuevos mundos.

The works are described as Neoseries, limited series reproduced with extremely high quality printing techniques and framed according to each artist’s criteria. The artists receive a commission and with each piece sold the artworks increase in value by 1%. For the inaugural exhibition the five chosen artists, all from Barcelona are Silvia Martínez Palou, Bea Sarrias, Marcos Isamat, Miriam Dema and Carmen Galofré, with differing techniques and ways of seeing, all however concerned with a shared concern for that which is beautiful. The works range in scale and are interspersed with lighting and design pieces from Santa & Cole.

  • Santa & Cole Gallery, Rosselló 256 BCN
  • Santa & Cole Gallery, Rosselló 256 BCN

    Miriam Dema explores everyday elements as well as the beauty of nature, creating scenarios that evoke warmth.


    The foundations of what we know today as contemporary Catalan design were established in the 1980s, a time of great political and artistic upheaval. Around this time deign companies like Santa & Cole, Nani Marquina and B.D. Barcelona were established with their revolutionary and fresh take on everyday objects. Now marking its 35 year anniversary Santa & Cole has embarked upon a new initiative with the opening of the gallery and the move into expanding its offering into musical instruments with Milagro Luthiers. For the moment making acoustic guitars but there are plans to expand the offering.

  • Santa & Cole Gallery, Rosselló 256 BCN

    The geometry of Silvia Martínez Palou’s facades, incorporate system of layers helping us to break down the architecture and discover the life within it.

  • Santa & Cole Gallery, Rosselló 256 BCN

    The work of Marcos Isameat plays with light and shadow drawn in pencil.


    Given the challenges of the Covid-19 era opening a gallery in Barcelona city centre is no mean feat. When a company like Santa & Cole makes such a move with a completely new direction it’s worth paying attention given all the previous challenges of the last 35 years which it has lived through in tact.

  • Santa & Cole Gallery, Rosselló 256 BCN

    Carmen Galofré’s work shows a constant yearning to paint the intangible: air, atmosphere and light.

  • Santa & Cole Gallery, Rosselló 256 BCN

    Light attenuated by blinds reveals of obscures the architectural details of Bea Sarrias.

  • Santa & Cole Gallery, Rosselló 256 BCN

    Milagro Luthiers applies its own technologies for the manufacture of musical instruments from composite materials, created through acoustic engineering and designed to create beautiful instruments even when they are not being played.

  • Santa & Cole Gallery, Rosselló 256 BCN

    The lighting and furniture collection spans nearly 90 years of design history. Objects created in very different contexts but connected by strong emotional ties. Every product answers a question or a need, and each one stands behind its answer. Classic or contemporary, Santa & Cole proves that good design withstands the passage of time.

  • Santa & Cole Gallery
  • Rosselló, 256
  • 08037 Barcelona
  • T. +34 936 397 960
  • www.santacole.com