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Salt, Beach Club W Hotel Barcelona

By Gemma Figueras 10.10.12

The interior design practice Isabel López Vilalta+ Asociados designed Salt, a new beach club located at the bottom of the W Hotel Barcelona. This new and intriguing multifaceted restaurant space includes a terrace, beach bar with direct access to the beach and a member’s zone for events and private functions. The common thread is its ambience and use of materials evoking the ecosystem of the adjacent Mediterranean Sea. Sculptural forms, reflective and watery textures and a strong connection between inside and outside make for total immersion for visitors to Salt. Sparkles, organic tones and textures that look as if they have been salvaged from the sea bed.

This is precisely the inspiration behind the interior of Salt a multifaceted space measuring 900m2 that is made up of 3 distinct elements (terrace with restaurant and lounge, a space for events and a beach club with direct acces to the sea) all cleverly connected with each other. Salt revisits the underlying concept behind the W Living lobby of the hotel saturated with clever references to the ecosystems of the deep with fish like elements, algae, coral and even plankton.

  • The interior design project created by Isabel López Vilalta herself achieves a sophisticated atmosphere through the use of fresh and natural elements. A colourful and lively ambience that is both futuristic and innovative. At Salt the interior and the exterior space become one fluid continuity thanks to the use of colour and reflective surfaces which capture the Mediterranean bathed in its light and saturating the interior with a watery ambience. From almost all angles the sea outside dominates the views with its extraordinary perspective on Sant Sebastià beach and Barceloneta in the background, giving diners the sensation of being out in the open air.

  • The same idea is used for the terrace, measuring over 150 m2 with an event space of 500 m2. This private zone communicates with the hotel via a private staircase with direct access onto the foyer of the Great Room of the hotel, the function room which also boasts panoramic views of the W Barcelona. This area, which also has its own terrace can be accessed directly form the paseo maritimo outside.

  • The internal finishes and furniture chosen by the practice lend an energetic and creative feeling to the space. Its design integrates quality wood, brass with other more organic materials like iron panels cut into geodesic forms and textured glass, evoking the flora and fauna of marine life. The mirrored suspended ceiling, luminous and reflective details add to the avant-garde ambience.

  • The internal lighting is defined by continuous strips of LED lights used within the events and restaurant areas together with the garland of lanterns that configure a cloud of lights over the terrace bar. This unusual approach personalises the space and makes it visible from the pedestrian sea front walk. The same type of lighting is used for the Salt Beach Club in a more light hearted way located adjacent to the restaurant-terrace. Located directly by the sea it can accommodate 100 people including some thirty armchairs that form a chill-out area.

  • Blues, turquoise, as well as black and white tones define all the spaces, combined with furniture using different shades of green with gold and silver detailing that recall the sea’s surface. Enveloped by this lively, elegant and dynamic atmosphere Salt becomes the ideal spot in the city to enjoy dinner on the beach accompanied by candle light, or to try a mojito accompanied by the rhythms of live Djs or simply to have a drink by the sea.

  • All photographs ©Alejo Bagué (except where otherwise indicated) courtesy of Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados.

  • Salt Restaurant + Lounge + Beach Club + Events
  • Passeig Mare Nostrum, 19‐21
  • 08039 Barcelona
  • Tel. 93 295 2819
  • www.saltbeachclub.com/en/