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Reflections on light

Pecha Kucha

By Brian Gallagher 06.02.13

An event inspired by developments in the world of artificial lighting and the various creative disciplines working in the sector that took place at the Biosca & Botey showroom at Av. Diagonal 458 on January 31st  last. Using the Pecha Kucha method, a patented visual presentation technique developed by Klein Dytham Architecture (see B-Guided #27) first used by design students back in Tokyo in 2003 as a way to show their work and share concepts and opinions, consisting of 20 slides each with a duration of 20 seconds with accompanying narration. On this occasion there were eight participants, all based in Barcelona but working all over the globe; Antoni Arola (designer), Arquitectura-G (architects), Nina Maso (Santa & Cole), Lagranja (designers) Lainvisible (lighting installations), Rafael Vargas (photographer) and Telenoika (audiovisual designers). Each participant using the opportunity to communicate recent projects that range from artistic lighting installations to ephemeral architectural projects to straight forward lamp designs.

The Biosca & Botey showroom is a polyvalent space located right in the heart of Barcelona’s commercial district, a former cinema the space can easily accommodate lectures and exhibitions as well as all that is current in the lighting sector.

  • ArtAtTheLab. Landscape Lighting, Corredor-Montnegre, Maresme. Realizado entre 2007-11. A series of artistic installations conceptualised by this award winning design studio located in Barcelona.

  • BlancoWhite, Santa & Cole

    Originally conceived as a series of four archetypal models which can be used as desk top shelving units, luminous shelves or simply a practical lighting system for daily use. BlancoWhite designed by Antoni Arola for Santa & Cole domesticates the LED and manages to harness its low consumption aspects in favour of a non-aggressive light.  Winner of a Red Dot design award 2012 + Delta del Plata. ADI FAD 2012

  • BlancoWhite, Santa & Cole

  • 40°N 3°W Vbospagna Viabbizzuno, Antoni Arola, 2011

    A light installation marking the Professional Lighting Design Convention (PLDC). The artist converts the spectator into the instigator of change flooding the entire space with light through his movements. Through slow fusion and colour movement, the box becomes a maze, and light becomes tangible, material.

  • Lámpara Coral, Pallucco, Italia 2009, Lagranja

    Amoeba shaped pendant light fitting much imitated but nonetheless unique.

  • Lámpara Coral, Pallucco, Italia 2009, Lagranja