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Passion for Spanish Design

By Brian Gallagher 08.08.13

Red provides the chromatic thread running though this innovative exhibition that examines the place design can occupy both in our hearts and our homes. Somewhere between Ikea and bespoke craftsmanship there lies a whole universe of wonderful and affordable objects and furniture that can make life our domestic habitat more worthwhile.   

The RED exhibition currently on view at the Sala Vinçon space (one of Barcelona’s great public rooms) is a mise-en-scene of contemporary designer furniture, objects, textiles and finishes: products designed, promoted and produced mostly in Spain and which currently represent the state of Spanish design on the international panorama.

  • © JosĂ© Hevia

  • RED (Reunión de Empresas Diseño) is an association representing Spanish firms producing design for the home or contract environment that brings together some of the most reputable Spanish firms operating on the world stage, it is currently headed by designer and entrepreneur Nani Marquina. Through the products on display here each of these participating companies is showcasing the benefits of good design, bespoke design, the commitment to quality, durability and sustainability under an overall umbrella of demonstrating value for money. In reality the sector is often undervalued by the general public but is highly appreciated by interior designers and connoisseurs of 'Spanish design' raw material.

  • Arquitectura-G has designed the exhibition layout which in reality is a travelling exhibition based on a number of modular components that can be configured to adapt to any potential exhibition space. Specifically here at Vinçon the ziggurat form works as a continuation of the staircase that leads to the exhibition space from the ground floor and makes for an impacting formal configuration. The steps become the display cases for the designs adapted to their specific dimensions.

  • RED was founded in 2008 by a group of related companies interested in creating synergies for joint promotion on the international market. Currently the association is composed of 40 firms in the field of habitat-design. Its mission is to help create a society sensitive to good design and demonstrate the importance of the creative industries as part of RED.

  • Architects Jonathan Arnabat, Jordi Ayala-Bril, Igor Urdampilleta and Aitor Fuentes (all of the team also work in architectural educational) founded architectural studio ARQUITECTURA-G in 2006. See B-Guided #47 for their refurbishment of an apartment in the Ensanche area of Barcelona.

  • The pinnacle of the pyramid / stairs is crowned by the geometric Mettsass table, designed by Ettore Sottsass reissued by BD Barcelona in both red and black.

  • The Roses carpet designed by the founder of Nanimarquina featuring red fabric petals and Funiculí Lamp (1979) reissued by Marset designed originally by Lluis Porqueras. Red anodized metal chain (chosen by Fernando Amat to decorate the renowned Dos Palillos restaurant) exhibited within the Gernika screen by KriskaDECOR.

  • Warm lamp collection by Ramos & Bassols for Vibia,  Duo Lamp designed by Ramon Valls for Estiluz and Talo, which is a revision of the classic chair by Sebastian Herkner catering for Sancal.

  • The Miguel Mila TMC floor lamp with post 2011 revisions after 50 years production by by Santa & Cole, the Butaqueta high back armchair by Joan Lao for Indesign and textiles prints by Gastón y Daniela under the art direction of Jesus Garabieta.

  • The Parrot Party Collection from Lladró Atelier, Tabasco armchair designer Jorge Pensi for Carmens, the Sail produced by Andreu World designed by Piergiorgio & Michelle Cazzaniga

  • From 26 July to 28 September
  • Sala Vinçon
  • Passeig de GrĂ cia, 96
  • www.vincon.com