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‘Public Intimacy’

Dornbracht Conversations 04

By Brian Gallagher 11.01.13

The One on One exhibition, accommodated within the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin provides the context for the Dornbracht Conversations #04 event organised annually by the German high-end bathroom and kitchen accessories manufacturer. The premise of the talk revolved around the theme of Public Intimacy and evolving social behaviours influenced by contemporary technology, for instance the way social media is changing our concept of privacy or the ubiquitous supervision of the public realm with security cameras. Even within the home broadband internet connections, Skype and a myriad of other communication devices are affecting our traditional notions of privacy. The panel for DC04 consisted of KW Institute curator Susanne Pfeffer, artist and musician Jeremy Shaw and writer, art historian and curator Carolyn Cristov-Bakargiev; the discussion was moderated by German art historian Charlotte Klonk.  

‘One on One’ which is also sponsored by Dornbracht consists of 15 art installations that can only be experienced in a solitary manner. The various floors of the museum are populated with free standing pavilions of varying size that accommodate the pieces revolving around performance, video, installation and other plastic artistic expressions. The art works share a common concern regarding the tension generated by the contrasting notions of intimacy taking place within the public sphere, the works themselves revolve around specific themes dealing with death, privacy, shock and narrative amongst other concepts. This intriguing exhibition is a timely observation on a phenomenon that is more and more evident as communication technologies become more pervasive providing the individual users with an ever greater degree of autonomy. For the first time in human history the organisation of society is released from physical restrictions in an inexorable process towards individualisation for better or worse. ‘One on One’ is a thought provoking meditation that examines these themes through a sensory approach. The participating artists are; Massimo Bartolini, Nina Beier, Joe Coleman, Trisha Donnelly, Geoffrey Farmer, Hans-Peter Feldmann, FORT, Günter K., Annika Kahrs, Robert Kusmirowski, Alicja Kwade, Renata Lucas, Yoko Ono, Blinky Palmero, Anri Sala, JeremyShaw, Tobias Zielony.        

  • Image of the Public Intimacy event, Dornbracht Conversations #04

  • Annika Kahrs, One on One, KW Institute

    The Dornbracht company dedicates a percentage of its profits to cultural projects every year, these initiatives are wide ranging involving investigations into the common ground shared by design, architecture and art. Previous exhibitions also included ‘Into me/Out of me’ in conjunction with the MoMA PS1 New York and the KW Berlin.

  • Robert Kusmirowski, One on One, KW Institute

  • Jeremy Shaw, One on One, KW Institute

  • www.dornbracht.com
  • KW Institute for Contemporary Art,
  • Berlin, Auguststrasse 69, 10117 Berlin
  • Ending 20th January 2013