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Premios Laus 42nd Edition

Design Awards

  • Graphic Design. Studio: AGI Spain

    AGI Open Barcelona campaign based on the SuperTipo Veloz typography developed originally in Barcelona by Joan Trochut during the 1940s.

  • Web and digital media. Double You

    An advertising campaign for the launch and corporate identity of the Fresh&Bright label based on the creation of superheroes Fresh&Bright inspired by the comics and TV series of the 70s with their underwear used as over-wear featuring the colours of the latest collections.

  • Graphics. Tiempo BBDO

    The Roca Galleries located in Barcelona, Madrid, London and Lisbon are both physical space and concept that communicate the cutting edge vision of the Roca firm based on principles of design, innovation and sustainability.

On July 5th last the most recent edition of the Premios Laus 2012 founded originally in 1964 were awarded to projects created by professionals and students of graphic design, advertising and visual communication. 

In total this year 1,046 projects were submitted 337 of which were recognised under seven categories: graphic design, web and digital media, creative advertising, audiovisuals, public administration, business and students.

The 2012 edition of the awards, one of the most renowned design awards on the international scene, featured two new developments; a new category aimed at business and an Honorific Laus Award which was on this first occasion given to Carlos Roland in recognition of a career spanning 40 years.

Within each of the categories a Grand Laus and several Gold, Silver and Bronze Laus are awarded. The categories with most submissions were graphic design (193 finalists), interactive (39) and creative advertising (25), consequently these categories obtained most recognition.