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Platos del día

Ceramics, design and gastronomy


Sponsored by Barcelona’s Museu del Disseny, forming a part of the current exhibition Tapas the Centre d'Artesania Catalunya presents Special dishes. Contemporary signature ceramics, featuring a selection of pieces that have been chose from the permanent collection belonging to the DHub.

Aesthetics and practicality are reconciled within the exhibition that brings together ceramics, design and gastronomy. The pairing which is happening in some of the best known restaurants in Spain is gaining ground, little by little, offering a unique touch when it comes to serving food. 

  • Platos del día

    Morena by Zaranda

  • Platos del día

    Blu Bowl by 40 Plumas


    The collaboration between designers and chefs presents a new way of working that in recent years is opening up to sectors such as ceramics, which is currently enjoying a moment in the spotlight because of the creativity of professional ceramicists who have had to reinvent themselves in order to adapt to the requirements of a very demanding sector that involves innovation, dedication and versatility. A challenge for the changing tastes of the 21st century. Including, Eulalia Oliver y Glòria Ferrer, Olivier Grau, Rosa Cortiella, 40plumas, David Rosell y Anna Ballesté, Paula Ojea, Yukiko Murata, Ivet Bazaco, Penélope Vallejo, Juan Carlos Iñesta, Cerámica SUVE, Frosum, Carme Balada, Katsue Kusumi, Eulàlia Naveira y Pepa Reverter. Chefs like Albert Adrià, Jordi Vilà, Jordi Cruz, Nandu Jubany and Quique Dacosta have adopted some of these creations in order to personalise their serving dishes and make their tables unique, reflecting the food served on them.

  • Platos del día

    Set b-n by Taller Bugambília

  • Platos del día

    Kokotza by Izaro Sola

    The exhibition also includes a round table discussion which will feature some of the most significant projects from over the last 5 years, that juggle the challenge of holding onto functionality and investigating new forms, making for a resurgence in the ceramic sector. It takes place ON May 16th at 6.30 P.M. at the Museu del Disseny (Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38), with participating figures like Juli Capella, curator of Tapas; Rosa Cortiella, ceramicist and Pilar Vélez, director of the Museu.

  • Platos del día

    View of the exhibition

  • Centre d'Artesania Catalunya
  • Banys Nous, 11
  • 08002 Barcelona
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