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Pirwi / Arkitektura


Arkitektura is one of Barcelona’s premier design retail galleries where since 2000 some of the world’s most highly respected furniture companies and designers have been promoted. Pirwi, a Mexican company has now been added to this illustrious list. Founded by Emiliano Godoy and Alejandro Castro in 2007 this young firm has specialised in producing contemporary furniture using recycled wood sourced from certified forests which are not only functional, beautiful and reasonably priced but are also environmentally friendly.

Employing the latest technology and CNS cutting systems the more remarkable larger furniture items are made from small multi-laminated plywood off-cuts that are skilfully put together manually retaining both a hand crafted and machine precision feel. There are 16 designers in all who have been winning awards around the world including the Knit Chair which forms part of New York’s MoMA permanent collection designed by company founder Emiliano Godoy. The name is inspired by the Pirwi tree an indigenous South American species that to all intents and purposes is of no practical use (not suitable for burning, does not flower, produces no fruit) but which local tribes still mange to employ in surprising ways.

  • Knit chair, multi-surfaced. Designer; Emiliano Godoy

  • Bloom Desk, birch plywood with folding top. Designer; Héctor Esrawe

  • Field, can be used as a desk or table. Designer; Ian Ortega